The Quick Guide to Backlinks

The Quick Guide to Backlinks

By: Mr. The Best SEO Agency In The Philippines

Today, let’s talk about backlinks. If you have a background in SEO you may probably know about backlinks already. However for the uninitiated, we have prepared this guide for you to better understand backlinks and how it works.

So with that, let’s start! First of all, let’s tackle the definitions. What is a backlink? A backlink is link that leads back to your own website or page, these links are placed on other websites. Why is this done? In searches, it gives the impression that your page is popular, that your website is worth linking back to.

There are several ways of places your backlinks over the web and you can even have this as a paid service. However, you can do this on your own as well. How? You’re in luck today because we are also discussing in this guide how you can do them as well.

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Enlist in directories – Have you noticed that there are directories over the internet also? Like yellowpages in the internet. These directories have become part of our everyday lives. Do you need to contact studios who offer pilates? You can check the internet and most likely you’ll be forwarded to a web directory for options.

And that’s really great because what you’ve been searching for is consolidated. You can do that too for your business. Register your page in several directories online. Indicate all your relevant contact details and don’t forget to put a link to your website.

Leave comments – Surely there are a lot of blogs in the internet that are related to your business so go check them out. Don’t just read the article, leave comments also! Get interactive with the blog owners.

This way you do not only build a relationship with the bloggers, you also get the chance to make yourself known. Some comment sections, allow you to register with your website as well. This way, people checking your comments can be led back to your website also.

Leave quality comments though – a question perhaps, or remarks that engage a healthy discussion with the blogger and other readers. Remember to keep interactions engaging, classy and respectful.

Register in forums – You may also check out forums that are related to your website. In this manner, you get to interact with people who are interested in the same thing. When you register in a forum you get to have your own profile which other members could also check out.

Some forums provide  “about you” fields where you can promote yourself and your page. Again, similar to leaving comments – keep your comments in forums interesting. When you start interesting discussions people would naturally be curious about you. And that may lead them to check your profile.

Just a word of caution, some forums can be strict on promotions so better read the rules and abide by them. You don’t want to be banned of course.

Creating content – Yet another way to put your link out there is creating content or article which you can submit to several websites which allow guest posting. Create articles and submit them to websites which are related to your niche. You can link your page in the articles. And if not allowed, some guest postings allow you to have a short blurb after the article where you can promote your page.