The evolution of recording a music

The evolution of recording a music

I still remember when I was young and I used to wonder how they record my favourite song on the radio. And I remember how I become aware that recording a music has a lot of processes to go through before they played on the radio or sell on record bars. There were some big and famous music labels who handles the overall process of recording, editing, and mixing of tracks or singles. And they are also the one who manages the marketing of promotions of the artist.  And if you are just new in the industry you have to beg these big record labels to help you record your music. Some may even hire a professional engineer to mix and master their recordings in a rented recording facility.

So imagine the long and costly process of creating just a song. Some are lucky to have their own producers and record labels but some had their hardships in paying those sound engineers, renting recording facilities and spending hours of their time going to recording studios. That’s why some aspiring musicians thought that only the well-off artist can really pull off in finishing a whole album of songs.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to record a music. One can rent smaller studios that you can typically find around Sydney. Most of this small studios have their own sound engineers that will assist you in editing, mixing and mastering your recordings. You can rent their equipment or bring your own if you want to. This is a popular choice for bands and aspiring artist since the studio are rented by the hour you use them, making it more budget friendly.

Recording,mastering and online mixing at your own home is another popular option today. Since the technology in the music industry has really evolved over time. More and more young musicians choose to process their own recordings at the comfort of their own home. With just a few hundreds to spare on software and tools, one can have a high-quality recording at home. A PC, a fast internet connection and a few software that you can find online, you can set up your own studio at home.  A little technicalities on connecting all of your gadgets, tools, and PC, you can have a fully operational recording, mixing and mastering studio in your own room. This option quite popular new and aspiring musicians that typically knows all the latest gadgets, tools and digitisation.

Commercial recording facilities are still around nowadays but they become scarce because home studios and personalized small studios are more economical options. However, some commercial studios are now also offering a less expensive option by renting out their facilities and sound engineers separately. One advantage of these commercial recording studios is the high-end equipment and tools that you can use within their facilities, plus the fact that their sound engineers are highly trained to mix and master a recording. You can check at for more details about professional mixing and mastering techniques.

Today, most musicians choose to record their song at the comfort of their own home. The long and expensive process of recording and mixing a song a few years ago has become much easy and affordable for everyone. More and more artist are now making their music without having to experience the long process music making.